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Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator Training

Learn to use one of the most transformational tools for the 21st Century.

"The labyrinth is a spiritual tool that has many applications in various settings. 
It reduces stress, quiets the mind and opens the heart. 
It is a walking meditation, a path of prayer, 
and a blue-print where psyche meets Spirit." 
-- The Reverend Dr. Lauren Artress     

Facilitating the Labyrinth is a Spiritual Path ...

The goal of this Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator Training is to prepare people to introduce others to the labyrinth in an articulate, professional and effective way. The training addresses both meditative walking and ceremonial use. It is focused primarily on the Eleven Circuit Medieval Labyrinth but is inclusive of all forms.

Walking the labyrinth is being embraced as a spiritual practice throughout the Western world mostly because of Veriditas trained facilitators. The Veriditas Facilitator Training -- which began in 1997 -- remains the most rigorous and comprehensive training offered. Some people take this two-day course to deepen their knowledge of labyrinths. Others take it with the goal of becoming a Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator.

To date, Veriditas has trained more than 5,000 labyrinth facilitators -- therapists, clergy, hospital administrators, parish teams, doctors, artists and labyrinth enthusiasts -- who are introducing the labyrinth to their communities. More than 2,000 people are certified.

Why Become a Trained Facilitator?

Our experience has taught us that if a person does not have a satisfying first experience, they do not easily return to walk again. Over the years a body of knowledge about labyrinths, their history and how to use them effectively has developed. The labyrinth seems deceptively easy to introduce to others. However, common mistakes have begun to appear: presenting a 'right way' to walk a labyrinth or interrupting someone's experience due to the presenter's discomfort with emotion are just two examples. Benefit from Lauren Artress' extensive experience and knowledge, through 16 hours face to face that is a behind-the-scenes conversation about using these powerful archetypal patterns as blue prints for transformation. 

What Topics are Covered?

  • Different models i.e., workshops, conferences, open walks, retreats.
  • Communicating in the "language" of your audience.
  • Designing both the approach and content for presentations
  • History of labyrinths and their symbolic meaning
  • The difference between archetypal and contemporary designs
  • Application to various settings: healing centers, retreats, churches, hospices, schools, hospitals, prisons, corporate parks/offices, community parks, multicultural centers, spas, women's spirituality groups, special needs groups such as cancer support, co-dependency work, kids-at-risk and the physically challenged populations.

  • Meditative walking and ceremonial, or ritual use
  • Specific applications: as a path of prayer, in dream work, asking a question of discernment, and many more

  • How to "hold the space" before, during, and after the walk

  • Unusual experiences in the labyrinth

  • Various patterns to provide space between participants

  • How to interact with the media, which the labyrinth attracts.

  • The business aspects of presenting the labyrinth: fees for your time, considering non-profit status, distributing literature, brochures, copyright concerns

The Benefits of the Facilitator's Network

The Veriditas Facilitator Network provides ongoing opportunities to share experiences and learn from one another though offering access to the Facilitator Listserve and the    on-line Facilitator Portal.

The Veriditas Council, empowered by the Veriditas Board continues the connection with both trained and Certified Facilitators.

Upcoming Facilitator Trainings

The Cost 

The cost is $700 for the two-day Facilitator Training led by Lauren Artress, or $600 if led by one of our other faculty. The fee includes instruction, materials, a twelve-month follow-up for Certification and membership in the Facilitator's Network.  For further information, call or email the Veriditas Office at 707-283-0373.


There is one scholarship available for each Facilitator Training.  The intention of the Melissa Postnifkoff Community Outreach Scholarship is to offer the training to someone with limited resources, who will use their training to work with traditionally under served populations ( areas of domestic violence, at risk youth, developmentally challenged, peace and social justice, incarcerated and low income communities,
 etc. ).  Applicants must also have the recommendation of a Veriditas Trained Facilitator in their area.  For further information or to receive an application, call or email

the Veriditas Office at 707-283-0373.

Click here for the US Scholarship Application.
Click here for the International Scholarship Application.

How to Prepare

Please read Walking A Sacred Path and Sacred Path Companion

by Lauren Artress before your Facilitator Training begins. 

Click here to order through

Fill out my online form.

All Veriditas Facilitator Trainings are preceded by a Qualifying Workshop. Please check the calendar for details on individual workshops. This workshop must be led by Lauren Artress and/or a Veriditas Master Teacher, or an Advanced Trained Veriditas Accredited Presenter.

We strongly suggest you answer the questions in a word processing program such as WORD, and cut and paste your answers into the application. To complete your application, you must submit a digital photo and a CV, resume or biographical statement. If you do not have these handy, you may skip that step and submit them after you are accepted. The picture is solely for identification, and the resume is background. Neither affects your acceptance.

Facilitators! Do not use this application. Once you have become a Veriditas-trained Facilitator, you become eligible for the Refresher rate. You may register in the Facilitators' Portal.

Once you press "Submit" if the application goes through successfully, you will receive a confirmation number on your screen. Please note the number. If you do not receive a confirmation number, your application has NOT gone through. 

Non-US applicants - IF you are paying by credit or debit card, please call your bank before you apply and let them know that a US charge will be coming. Many overseas banks routinely decline US charges. 

If you do not receive a confirmation number, or have other problems using this application, or submit it and do not hear anything for two business days, call the office at 707-283-0373 or email

You may also download a WORD version of this application and email it to Click here. You will need to save it with a new file name. Please use your name as part of it.

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Veriditas is dedicated to inspiring personal and planetary change and renewal through the labyrinth experience.

We accomplish our mission by training and supporting labyrinth facilitators around the world, and offering meaningful events that promote further understanding of the labyrinth as a tool for personal and community transformation. Our Vision is that the labyrinth experience guides us in developing the higher level of human awareness we need to thrive in the 21st century.

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