VIRTUAL LABYRINTH SUMMER SCHOOL: For the Love of Classical Labyrinths with Lars Howlett and special guest Richard Feather Anderson

  • 23 Jul 2021
  • 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM (PDT)
  • Online


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Deepen your connection and appreciation for the Classical Labyrinth—the great grandmother of all labyrinths!

The Classical pattern is the oldest and simplest form of a labyrinth, treasured by a wide variety of cultures and traditions over the past four to six-thousand years. A survey of its design gets us in touch with the archetypal roots of all labyrinths and a better understanding of the basic ingredients that evoke ‘the labyrinth experience’. In this online workshop organized by Veriditas Faculty member Lars Howlett we will delight in the history, evolution, and application of the Classical Labyrinth. Learn the ins and outs of its sacred geometry and symbolism including how it reflects the basic patterns of life, a journey through the chakras, and the four directions. We’ll contemplate the many Classical variations such as the Chakra-vyuha, Baltic Wheel, and Man in the Maze with photographs of stunning examples from around the world.

Special guest Richard Feather Anderson will share his passion for the design which he has studied in-depth since 1982 as one of the early pioneers of the Labyrinth Revival. The 5-hour workshop will be presented live on Zoom with a half hour break and opportunity for questions, group chat, and connecting with other participants. A comprehensive digital workbook will be provided as a PDF and the unedited recording of the live session will be offered to participants for reference and review for one month. Attending the workshop live is encouraged, but not required, and couples or friends joining from a single screen can register with a guest for a reduced price. 

Note: Step-by-step instructions on drawing the labyrinths will not be part of this workshop, though variations of the design and tools and techniques for creating them will be discussed. For those wanting to learn to draw the patterns, participants will receive a 50% discount coupon to Lars' pre-recorded tutorials on Teachable with step-by-step instructions to draw along at your own pace.

Lars Howlett

Veriditas Faculty

A lover of all things labyrinth, Lars Howlett drew his first seed patterns in the sand off the coast of California in his late twenties. He enrolled in his first Veriditas workshop in 2010 led by Robert Ferré at Grace Cathedral. The next year he travelled to Chartres for the labyrinth facilitator training with Lauren Artress following his roots to Scotland and Sweden where he visited labyrinths on the islands Iona and Gotland. From 2012-15 he was the apprentice to master builder Robert Ferré, inheriting his tools, techniques, and teaching curriculum. Lars joined the Veriditas Faculty, leading design and building workshops at ten iterations of Labyrinth Summer School. Six years ago, he became a full-time professional labyrinth maker under the auspices of Discover Labyrinths LLC. He was a board member of The Labyrinth Society for three years and the coordinator of World Labyrinth Day from 2013-2018. He became and Advanced Facilitator in 2019 and joined the staff of Veriditas in 2021 to support webinars, expand facilitator resources, and develop social media to further the labyrinth as a tool for personal and global transformation. Learn more at 

Richard Feather Anderson

Special Guest

Richard Feather Anderson was one of the earliest instigators of the “Labyrinth Revival” in America. Since 1982 he’s been educating and inviting people to enter the path of the labyrinth. He laid out some of the first labyrinths made available to the public, introduced American dowsers and geomancers to them, conducted a research project on their benefits from 1986-89, designed the first permanent labyrinths in an American church at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral, and taught in the Veriditas Chartres Pilgrimage in 2000. When he designs sanctuaries for labyrinths, he draws on wisdom from geomancy, feng shui, environmental psychology, and sacred geometry. Visit his website at 

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